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KAFP 3550 - Leadership, Organisations & Management:Creating, managing or changing efficient private organization

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Spring 2018-2019

Number of hours : 40

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course aims at equipping future managers with management skills applicable at the local, national and international levels, whether in the public, private or non-profit sectors. These skills will enable students to analyse and understand the processes of transformation at play in their environment, as well as to elaborate and implement reforms with using all the levers of transformation: change strategy, leadership, incentives, communication, negotiation. The objective of this course is to provide both an introduction to key concepts of leadership and performance management and presentations by key private and public sector leaders of how they deal with the most common issues as well as how this experience apply for public sector activities. The course will give an overview on how leaders deal with creating value from the organization they have to manage – including defining the relevant metrics, strategic goals and operational plans. It will be followed by practical “deep dives” on topics like procurement efficiency (which also give a good example of how a large cost saving plan is defined & executed) or innovation management. In order to benefit the most from these sessions, students are encouraged to: Participate and ask questions. For students interested by being future excellent managers, this is the occasion of understanding the key challenges as well as “cookbook” recipes. For students interested by a more academic approach, it is the occasion to confront theoretical approaches with the real life constraints (limited time, resources or need to focus on key priorities) any manager has to deal with ; Get out of their comfort zone. Entrepreneurial management is not about listening to a lesson, it is about writing the rules applying in your specific case leveraging other's experience. The course will try to provide students: A strategic view the how performance improvement plan are designed, and how the key performance levers work in practice. A taste of what operational management is, its constraints and the satisfaction it can bring. An “intrapreneurial” view of management & leadership – ie not only taking a well defined job, but being able to stimulate a team and to turn it into architects of an improved performance. Interactions with successful leaders, each of them giving a framework for a given topic (lesson i), before detailing a real life example (lesson ii).


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Course validation

Mid-term exam: online test - 30% of the final grade Final paper - 60% of the final grade Participation - 10% of the final grade

Required reading

Who Says Elephants Can't Dance, HarperBusiness

Additional required reading