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KAFP 3575 - Energie et Environnement

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


No pre-requisites but a strong motivation to tackle issues on the basis of different disciplines (political science, economics, engineering).

Course Description

Energy is a peculiar good, its production and consumption producing impacts on economics, environment and societies. The energy model on which growth and industrialized Countries' development has been built is currently facing a large number of issues, at local, national and global scale. In the meanwhile, energy needs change, technology offers new opportunities and traditional frames of governance are put into questions by the arrival of new actors on the scene. In this changing context, this course will tackle the relations between energy and environment, the nature of the different issues, possible solutions and the type of policies that can shape this transition.


COLOMBIER, Michel (Directeur scientifique, IDDRI)

Pedagogical format

Every class will be composed of a news analysis (group presentation) followed by a debate (30 minutes total). The course is based on case studies and participation of students is strongly encouraged.

Course validation

Active participation to class, oral group presentation/debates (30%) Final assignment (choice of topics during the first classes) of 20000 characters (70%)


Preparation of the debate (half an hour per class), one oral presentation per group (2/3 hours), a final paper.

Required reading

  • Arrow (Kenneth) and al : Economic growth, carrying capacity, and the environment, , 28 April 1995, Science IENC 520 Vol. 268, No. 5210, ISSN: 0036-8075
  • Grubb (Michael) : Planetary Economics: Energy, climate change and the three domains of sustainable development, London, Routledge 2014
  • Bataille (C) Colombier (M) Waisman (H) : Deep Decarbonization Pathways, Climate Policy - Special Issue, Volume 16, Supplement 1, 2016.
  • Henry Claude, tubiana Laurence, Earth at risk, Columbia University Press 2017

Additional required reading

  • Fabra (N) Matthes (C) Newbery (D) Colombier (M) Mathieu (M) Rudinger (A) : The energy transition in Europe: initial lessons from Germany, the UK and France - Towards a low carbon European power sector, CERRE (Centre of Regulation in Europe) Bruxelles 2015
  • Colombier (M) Sartor (O) Spencer (T) : Planifier et concevoir un rapport pour une bonne gouvernance de l'Union européenne post-2020, au service des objectifs sur l'énergie et le changement climatique, Paris, Iddri 2015