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KAFP 3775 - Digital Innovation and Solutions in Healthcare Industry

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

All around the world, Healthcare has been lagging behind many economic sectors with regards to broad adoption of digital innovation and solutions in spite of a strong scientific and technological backbone. This is about to radically change in some countries while taking more time in others. Multiple signs of this coming disruption are visible (from the arrival of Google algorithms, IBM Watson Big Data or Amazon pharmaceutical distribution to the emergence of new Value Based Healthcare reimbursement where payment is linked to outcomes). Understanding both the enablers and the obstacles behind these transformations is critical for policy-makers to shape the environment and evolve the behaviors of the various stakeholders as well for public and private organizations to gain competitive advantage or simply survive in a digitally-enabled healthcare economy. This course will assess the status of Digital Innovation and Solutions in healthcare industry from a global viewpoint and the reasons behind it. Multiple case studies will be leveraged to identify critical success factors favoring a needed and useful evolution in policy framework, business models, enabling technologies as well as in organization and stakeholders sociology.


EIFERMAN, Guy (Managing Director, Healthcare Services and Solutions, MSD.)

Course validation

Students' presentation on studied cases (30%); Individual report (30%); Work on a prospective plan to improve the situation in France by taking on the role of a health actor (30%); Participation (10%).

Required reading

  • Managing Innovation in Healthcare, James Barlow, World scientific, ISBN 978-1-78634-152-5 (obj)
  • In Search of the Perfect Health System, Mark Britnell, Macmillan Education - Palgrave, ISBN 978-1-137-49661-4