Accueil > Strategic and financial stakes of communication companies


Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


At least, level C1 in English language.

Course Description

Any potential player in the communication world should know and understand the major strategic and financial stakes to which businesses in this sector are confronted, whether it concerns advertising agencies or media (print, audiovisual or digital) and more generally publishing businesses, content producers, access providers and new digital players. The purpose of the course will be to give the student a wide perspective of the strategic and financial basics, essential to understand the evolution of the industry and its issues. The course links the theoretical elements of managing a business with the daily reality of managers.


  • KAPLAN, Olivier (Senior advisor Grant Thornton Executive)
  • PUGACEWICZ, Anna (DGA France Groupe NEWEN)
  • ROBLET, Claire (Head of Investor Relations and Market Intelligence KERING)

Pedagogical format

24h (12 modules of 2 hours).The sessions are divided into courses, exercises and group case studies. Eight 2-hour courses with at the beginning of each session, a news topic presented by a group of pupils (10 min.), followed by a lecture covering a particular theme of finance illustrated by concrete examples. The topics covered are: Presentation of the company and the communication world. Financial statements of communication businesses. Financial management of communication businesses. Managing internal growth. External growth. Market analysis, business strategy / Human resources and management. Three assessments will be organized during the sessions to validate the acquired knowledge. Four 2-hour sessions are dedicated to group case studies. The purpose of the case studies is to put into practice the lessons taught during the courses. There will be an acquisition case study and a business plan/start-up case study. In both cases, the economic, financial and strategic situation and the available options for management and shareholders will be examined.

Course validation

Continuous monitoring will give 100 % of the rating with the following weighting: Case presentation 1 25% ; Case presentation 1 25% ; MCQ \ Assessments 40% ; Participation\ News commentary 10%.

Required reading

Regular reading of the business press in general and especially section dedicated to communication (Les Echos, WSJ, Financial Times, Le Monde, Le Figaro) and the specialized press (Stratégies, Communication & Business, Ad Age, Ad Week)