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KCOE 4055 - Understanding public opinion in contempory societies 2nd part

Type d'enseignement : Séminaire

Semestre : Automne 2018-2019

Nombre d'heures : 24

Langue d'enseignement : français


At least, level 4 in English language.

Descriptif du cours

This course aims to provide students with the theoretical and the analytical tools to understand public opinion in contemporary societies. Across the sessions, we will address the following questions: what is public opinion? How to measure it? What are the trends impacting public opinion? In the first half of the course, students will learn about the theories of public opinion, and the methodological principles and tools of public opinion research. And in the second half of the course students will learn about contemporary trends of public opinion on various issues (society, politics and business). Ultimately, students should be able to critically assess a public opinion report, but also the usage media and political actors do of surveys.


VITIELLO, Thomas (Doctorant)

Mode de validation

Midterm exam 25% ; Group presentation 40% ; Articles/Book review 25% ; Participation 10%.

Charge de travail

One or two readings per week; a paper or a book chapter. Readings are mandatory ; active participation in class is strongly encouraged and active participation in the group work is needed in order to truly benefit from the content of the course.

Lectures principales demandées

  • Asher H (2011) Polling and the Public: What Every Citizen Should Know, 8th Edition Washington D.C.: CQ Press
  • Carballo M and Hjelmar U (eds.) (2008) Public Opinion Polling in a Globalized World Berlin: Springer
  • Goidel K (ed.) (2011) Political Polling in the Digital Age, the Challenge of Measuring and Understanding Public Opinion. Louisiana State University Press