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KCOE 4135 - Future of television : the content at the heart of the digital turmoil

Type d'enseignement : Enseignement électif

Semestre : Automne 2018-2019

Nombre d'heures : 24

Langue d'enseignement : français


This class targets students willing to work in or with the audiovisual and content industry : being publishers, producers, distributors, agents, creators, financers.

Descriptif du cours

The course aims to explain how the content industry is impacted by the digital revolution, from its creation, financing and marketing points of view. While describing and analysing the changes at stakes, the class will raise on going challenges and prospective for the years to come The class deals with macro-economical concepts while keeping a very operational and concrete view on all treated aspects benefiting from a senior executive experience . There will aslo be 3 operational focus : audiovisual rights, development of programsand marketing of content. 3 guests will be invited to share their own operational experience. A number of readings will be necessary before each course The class will be a blend of lecture and exchanges based on readings or exercises. In particular, a real business case on a company issue will be given to students who will work and present their recommendation directly to the company's management at the end of the class


GUILBART-LEVY, Emmanuelle (Présidente, About Premium Content)

Format pédagogique

12 times 2 hours, including business case presentation. Courses will be a mix of lectures and interactivity with students, based on their readings and preparational work

Mode de validation

4 components : One based on oral participation during class (individual) : 15% One based on a « rights negociation game » : 20% One based on the business case presentation (one business case prepared and presented in front of the company, collective group of 3 to 5 students) : 50% One based on a book review or an international company focus ( individual) : 15%

Charge de travail

Readings before class One written analysis Regular (during the 12 weeks period) group work to prepare the business case

Lectures principales demandées

A selection of books and articles will be given at the beginning of the course