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KCOE 4185 - Mainstreaming Sustainability into Strategy and Communication

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Communicating on environment is a constantly evolving paradigm since the late twentieth century. Albeit unevenly depending on the sector, there has been an absorption in society of the notion of cleaner and greener activity. What economic interest and tools for mainstreaming sustainability into stakeholders' strategy and communication? What specific messages can economic actors draw from the wide and sometimes confusing spectrum of both decision-making and communication sources? Studying Corporate social responsibility, the discourse of politicians and the influence of NGO's, this class will have a multi-sector, multi-actor and multi-scale approach. With seminars, workshops, innovative scenario building, individual and teamwork exercises, this course will bridge theory and practice in a dynamic atmosphere to help students tackle an issue of environment communication and strategy, of which we are on the cutting edge.


LANDES, Henri (Enseignant et chercheur à Forccast)

Pedagogical format

The course will include 12 sessions of 2 hours each. The course will be composed of seminars, workshops and scenario building exercises, always drawing links with current societal trends on environment. Each session will begin with a brief discussion on current events. Most sessions will have a presentation by one or two students on a topic of their choice and approved by the instructor. The course will include interactive and innovative such as an in class twitter analysis and discussion with outside experts, viewing and analysis of a press conference, reading and analysis of excerpts of a company's sustainable development report, and dissecting a political speech. Students will also conduct an in class simulation of an environmental crisis.

Course validation

In class presentation, individual or duo, on topic chosen by students and approved by instructor: 40%; Participation in class and workshops; Students will be asked to prepare through reading and scenario building for the in class workshops: 10%; In class final examination; 2 hour exam with 3-4 short essay questions: 50%.


1-2 hours of reading per week; Preparation for class participation, of one presentation and one final examination.

Required reading

  • Godemann, (Jasmin), Michelsen, (Gerd), Sustainability communication: interdisciplinary perspectives and theoretical foundation, Gerd, Springer
  • The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change, Nicholas Stern and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, 2006. Executive Summary (long version)
  • Pages 1-34 of Danone Sustainability Report: