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KCOE 4200 - Value of Brand advocacy programs in Brand Management (The)

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

The aim of this class is to understand the new online strategies developed by brands in order to raise their awareness on & offline and transform brand images after a crisis or on a regular basis. Through digital, social networks and influence experts' testimonials and case studies, students will work on how the digital era has forced companies to be very watchful on their brand reputation on-line and how they work hand in hand with experts in order to guarantee visibility and the right on-line messages. We will analyse the switch of attention given from journalists to influencers and the full transformation of influencers (from bloggers to social networks activists). We will work on the importance to make employees the first defenders of companies and to promote the brand fans through advocacy programs. Classes will be very interactive and always illustrated by a company/brand exemple. External speakers will often come to illustrate the subject and give a personal case study, testimony. Students will work in groups to go deeper in on topic and find the right solution to a company “fake” or real” need.


LOKIEC, Anne M. (Directrice Internationale RP & Influence)

Pedagogical format

Classes will always start by the group class study and a small discussion on the specific topic worked by the group. A lecture will then be given by the teacher always with very specific and concrete examples and illustrations. The aim of this class is to be very participative. External speakers will often come to give a specific highlight on a subject and share its professional experience and concrete responsabilities and everyday job mission.

Course validation

Presence is mandatory and oral presentation will be key in the final grade(15%) Students will be asked in small groups to answer a case study at the beginning of each class (20 minutes oral presentation) on the specific topic that will have been developed by an external speaker during the previous class (40%) A two to four individual pages essay will be also asked to be done at home for mid-november with a case study of an influencer (french or international), its relationship with brands and try to dig into its specific relationship with one brand. (45%)


Oral participation in class is mandatory and some lectures could be asked before each class (mostly in english. Some additional french lectures can be asked but won't be mandatory) A case study has to be prepared in team once in the semester and can ask 6 hours team work An individual essay needing interviews, lectures and written skills is also expected 10-12 hours work

Required reading

  • Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring and Influence Marketing
  • Extra lectures can be asked as to go deeper (if hard to get, They can be sent by Anne Lokiec to stude nts who will have subscribed)

Additional required reading

  • Some more:
  • Some additional lectures can be given to be read for the following week for interested students. Those articles will be mostly in english but some extra lectures can be in French but won't be mandatory.