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KCOS 2130A - Introduction to Corporate Strategy

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This course aims at introducing the participants to the basics of corporate strategy, leveraging 3 vectors: i) strategic frameworks and tools, ii) review and strategic decoding of business news flow, iii) strategic benchmarking exercise of competitors (‘confrontation game'). You will discover and use the most widely-used strategy frameworks. These frameworks and tools do not seek to provide exhaustive explanations but rather to supply an overall structure of strategic analysis. They are for strategy what vocabulary is for grammar: they are the bricks which need to be assembled and connected to fully make sense. Typically, the notions of market share value and normative performance along with pricing and funding mechanisms, are critical constituents for shaping any strategy. These frameworks are an aid to strategic thinking, and a way to structure problem-solving. They include tools such as Porter's 5 forces, BCG Matrix, ROS-RMS, Cost curve, Value Chain, Management Modelling, etc. What you will learn: - Master several fundamentals of strategic thinking - Conduct strategic analysis out of corporate public information - Deal with quantitative and qualitative data to draw a recommendation - Present facts & figures in a way to convince


BOUSQUIE, Bruno (Partner - Conseil en stratégie - CC&C Strategy Consultant)

Pedagogical format

7 sessions dedicated to : • Theoretical introduction to strategic frameworks and tools, illustration by corporate examples • Business news flow review and analysis from a strategic management point of view 5 sessions dedicated to ‘the confrontation game': strategic benchmarking exercise of competitors

Course validation

Course validation is based on 3 criteria: • Dynamic participation in the sessions (individual) • Quality of the business news flow presentations (individual) • Quality of the presentation in the ‘confrontation game' (team work)


Homework represents 1 hour per session for the 7 first sessions Confrontation game preparation requires 8 to 12 hours per participant

Required reading

The Craft of Strategy Formation: Translating Business Issues into Actionable strategies de Eric Wiebs, Marc Baaij, Bas Keibek, Pieter Witteveen, John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Additional required reading

Le grand livre de la stratégie de Jean-Marie Ducreux, René Abate, Nicolas Kachaner