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KDEC 2290 - International and European Patent Law

Type d'enseignement : Séminaire

Semestre : Automne 2018-2019

Nombre d'heures : 24

Langue d'enseignement : français



Descriptif du cours

The first and major part of the course will focus on international and European patent law and practice. Particular attention will be drawn to patentable subject matter, patentability requirements, granting and appeal procedures, scope of protection and rights of patentees. References will be made to the patent regime in a selection of EU member states as well. During the second part of the course attention will be drawn to some contemporary issues in current patent law, such as 'Patents and biotechnology', 'Patents and 3D printing', 'Patents and human rights', 'Patents and open innovation'.


VAN OVERWALLE, Geert (Professeur)

Format pédagogique

Classes will combine lectures and in-class exercises

Mode de validation

Written exam (4 hours)

Lectures principales demandées

  • Lamping, M., Hilty, R., M., Burk, D.L., Correa, C. M., Drahos, P., Gopalakrishnan, N.S., Große Ruse-Khan, H., Kur, A., Van Overwalle, G., Reichman, J., Ullrich, H., Declaration On Patent Protection. Regulatory Sovereignty Under TRIPS, Munich, April 15 2014 (available at, last visited February 18, 2015) [full paper available at]
  • Van Overwalle, G. & Leys, R., ‘3D Printing and Patent Law: A Disruptive Technology Disrupting Patent Law?' 48 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC), 2017, 504-537
  • Gorbatyuk, A., Van Overwalle, G. & van Zimmeren, E., ‘Intellectual Property Ownership in Coupled Open Innovation Processes', 47 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC), 2016, 262-302
  • VAN OVERWALLE, G., ‘Inventing Inclusive Patents. From Old to New Open Innovation', Kritika: Essays on Intellectual Property, vol. 1, P. Drahos, G. Ghidini & H. Ullrich (eds.), Edward Elgar, 2015, 206-277
  • VAN OVERWALLE, G., ‘Patent Pools and Clearinghouses in the Life Sciences: Back to the Future', in Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and the Life Sciences, D. Matthews & H. Zech (eds.), Edward Elgar, 2017, 304-334

Lectures complémentaires demandées

Further course materials (powerpoint presentations, list of relevant legislation and case-law) will be published on the website