Accueil > Policy analysis and policy design


Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


No formal prerequisite. However the course will refer to basic knowledge in politics, public policy and political economy, therefore students will need to review or study some of these concepts by themselves.

Course Description

This course aims at developing skills for understanding and designing public policy in a context of growing internationalization and globalization. The class trains students to write a professional policy paper. The course introduces students to the key theoretical controversies developed by the academic literature and relevant for public policy analysis and decision-making, presents the relevant data available from policy think tanks and international institutions, and discusses policy case-studies borrowed from a wide comparative and international background. The course proposes a specific methodology to critically understand and deliberate about policy design. The discussion is centered on the dynamics and on the influence of institutions, and on the selection of instruments in the conduct of public policy. Students actively participate to the class in forming teams to prepare a policy case-study. They characterize a policy situation at the international, national or local level, and critically analyze a range of policy options. They collectively discuss competing policy alternatives to formulate a series of policy recommendations. The course is validated with the submission of a professional policy-paper of international standard.


BALME, Richard (Professeur des universités à Sciences Po)

Pedagogical format

Class sessions are focused on the discussion of texts introduced by students. They also include short lectures and comments by the instructor. If you wish to read and discuss, this class is for you.

Course validation

Students are expected to: - Participate in discussions following the lectures; - Read and comment materials prior to discussion in class; - Propose a Policy Case Study as a topic for Term Paper. Students' proposals will be presented and discussed in class; - Turn in-term papers (5,000 to 7,000 words including bibliography). Coursework : 50% Term Paper : 50%


Three hours of readings per week, preparation of presentations, discussion, and one essay.

Required reading

  • Kraft (Michael E. ), Furlong Scott R., Public Policy. Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives.CQ Press, Washington, 2010
  • Stone (Deborah), The Policy Paradox. The Art of Political Decision-Making. Norton, 2012
  • Corduneanu-Huci (Cristina), Hamilton (Alexander), Ferrer (Issel-Masses), Understanding Policy Change. How to Apply Political Economy Concepts in Practice. The World Bank, Washington DC, 2013

Additional required reading

  • Anderson (James E.), Public Policymaking.Boston, Wadsworth, 2010 (seventh edition).
  • Bardach (Eugene), A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis.CQ Press, Washington DC, 2009.