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OADD 2080 - From Climate Sciences to Climate Intervention?

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English

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Basic acquaintance with quantitative tools Interest in a scientific understanding of the Earth system

Course Description

Climate change is an ongoing process. The course will first focus on a quantitative understanding of the climate system. Based on case studies, and going back to the scientific literature, it will then address the question of the soundness of climate intervention.


  • Määttänen, Anni (chargée de recherche CNRS)
  • RAVETTA, François M. (Professeur des Universités)

Pedagogical format

Combination of lectures, tutorials and scientific paper analysis.

Course validation

Midterm (30%), Final exam (70%)


One or two exercises to be solved each week One scientific paper to be read each week

Required reading

Summary for policy maker of the fifth assessment report by IPCC:

Additional required reading

Climate Intervention Reports of the National Academies of Sciences:

Plans de cours et bibliographies

  • Session 1: Earth's energy budget
  • Session 2: Carbon cycle on Earth
  • Session 3: Climate change: how large?
  • Session 4: Climate change: how fast?
  • Session 5: Climate change and carbon arithmetics
  • Session 6: Climate change and climate intervention
  • Session 7: Mimicking volcanic eruptions
  • Session 8: Whitening or thinning clouds
  • Session 9: Playing with the Sun
  • Session 10: From artificial trees to geological storage
  • Session 11: With the help of Gaia
  • Session 12: Which future for climate intervention?

Short biography

François Ravetta is a professor of atmospheric sciences at Sorbonne Université, deputy head of the Laboratory LATMOS-IPSL. He is an associate researcher at Freie Universität Berlin. His research interests are tropospheric ozone and aerosol variability and their impact on air quality and radiative forcing of the climate.
Anni Määttänen is a CNRS research scientist working in the  LATMOS-IPSL laboratory where she is also co-leading the planetology department. Her research interests include sulphur aerosols and ice  cloud microphysics in the atmospheres of terrestrial planets.