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OAFP 4885 - European Defence and Crisis Management: reality or myth ?

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Basic knowledge of the institutional framework of the European Union.

Course Description

The Common Security and Defence Policy was launched in 1999. Nearly two decades later, it is time to perform a reality check: has it met expectations and come of age? The track record is rather positive, at least on paper : an institutional framework has been set up, objectives have been assigned, several missions have been undertaken and industrial cooperations have taken shape. However, difficulties in the implementation of missions, procurement of US military equipment by EU member states and failures in some industrial cooperations underline its shortfalls. Adopting a factual approach (rather than a theoretical one), we will: - study the foundations and development of military and civilian crisis management at EU level – from both a historical and institutional perspective; - better understand the dynamics of CSDP – in terms of actors and symbols; - assess the relevance and impact of the European Union crisis management actions.


  • HATZIDIAKOS, Andreas (CivCom Delegate at the Permanent Representation of France to the EU, French Ministry of Defence)
  • LETHIMONNIER, Annelise L. (Key Account Manager – Oil & Gas Sales, Airbus Helicopters)

Pedagogical format

► Leaning process will be based on lectures, students' presentations and debates. The methodology adopted is based on a very interactive approach between the professors and the students, who will be encouraged to openly express their views. Guest speakers might be invited to share personal experiences about the topic.

Course validation

40%: participation to a group presentation (20 min) 40%: individual oral presentation of an EU operation / military cooperation program (10 min) 20%: active contribution to the debates


► No specific preparation required. However, an indicative bibliography will be provided for each class, to allow active individual contribution during class.

Required reading

  • European Security and Defence Policy: The first 10 years (1999-2009) Edited by Giovanny Grevi, Damien Helly and Daniel Keohane EU Institute for Security Studies, 2009 Available at
  • CSDP in action – What contribution to international security , Thierry Tardy, EU Institute for Security Studies, 2015