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OAFP 4940 - Managing projects in perfoming arts

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This elective course aims to provide a better understanding of performing arts management. Students will get familiar with key-actors / -issues / -practices of the performing arts, as well in France as abroad, either in the public or in the private sector. The purpose is to help students figure out more effectively which skills are expected from 21st century performing arts managers, which projects & networks they can get involved in, in short, which careers are now possible or to be invented in the field of music, opera, theatre & dance. The course schedule is divided into 3 parts dedicated to artists, venues and experts. Each course will give the students the opportunity to meet with a professional – sometimes, if possible, on site.


  • BEZARD, Mathilde M. (Classical and contemporary music project manager at the Institut français)
  • Lanoote, Sophie (Gérante de société de production de concerts -Galatea)

Pedagogical format

We'll follow the same pattern (starting course #2). Introduction to the theme subject; guest to be introduced by a duet of students ; two presentations followed by a group discussion ; teachers' feedback and eventual focus on a technical matter ; guest freely sharing his.her professional experience & expertise on the theme; Q&A sessions.

Course validation

The evaluation will be based on the following works: an individual presentation (10'); an individual performance review (2'30); a duet introduction/interview of a professional guest expert (5'); a small group work on a topical case study.


Students will be given material and expected to have read it prior to each course.

Required reading

URRUTIAGUER Daniel, Economie et droit du spectacle vivant en France, Presses de la Sorbonne nouvelle, Paris, 2009

Additional required reading

  • AGID Philippe, TARONDEAU Jean-Claude, L'Opéra de Paris, Gouverner une grande institution culturelle, Vuibert, Paris, 2006
  • BONET Lluis, GUERIN Michel, NEGRIER Emmanuel, Festivals de musique[s], Un monde en mutation, Michel de Maule, Paris, 2013
  • WALLON Emmanuel, Sources & ressources pour le spectacle vivant, Rapport au ministre de la Culture et de la Communication, Paris, édité en ligne en 2006 sur le site
  • EVRARD Yves (dir.), Le Management des Entreprises artistiques & culturelles, Economica, Paris, 2004