Accueil > Economics and Funding of Social Policy and Insurance

OAFP 5255 - Economics and Funding of Social Policy and Insurance

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Principles of economics

Course Description

Public decisions regarding social policies are often driven by arguments based on economic theory. This course aims at presenting and discussing the strength and limits of this contribution of the economic analysis to the shaping of social policies. For each mission – health, old age, family, housing, employment – the theoretical concepts are exposed then confronted to empirical evaluations completed by the economic literature in different countries. The economic aftermath of mandatory levies that fund social policies are also analyzed. The goal is not to acquire a technical competency in economic theory or public policy evaluation, but to fully understand the arguments at stakes in the public debate over social policies.


CARBONNIER, Clément (Maître de conférences)

Pedagogical format

Sessions consist in a general lecture, with large place devoted to discussion.    

Course validation

Synthetic note on a subject chosen among a list of proposition: 50%. Multiple choice questionnaire on the basic concepts of the course: 40%. Classroom participation: 10%.    


Before each session, students should read a note or article uploaded on the moodle of the course.

Required reading

Robert H. Brook; Emmett B. Keeler; Kathleen N. Lohr (2006) The Health Insurance Experiment: A Classic RAND Study Speaks to the Current Health Care Reform Debate, RAND Reasearch Highlights, RAND Corporation

Additional required reading

  • David Neumark (2015) The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment, FRBSF Economic Letter 2015-37
  • Antoine Bozio, Simon Rabaté, Audrey Rain et Maxime Tô (2018) Reforming the French pension system : the main challenges, IPP Policy Brief n°31.
  • OECD (2017) Preventing Ageing Unequally, Country-specific highlights
  • Alain Trannoy, Étienne Wasmer (2013) How Should Property Prices be Moderated? Les notes du conseil d'analyse économique, no 2.