Accueil > Digital Democracy in Practice (ce cours est labellisé SDGs)

OAFP 5260 - Digital Democracy in Practice

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


No pre-requisite is needed. It is aimed at students that are interested in public management and digital policies and want to become active citizens or at future policy-makers looking to understand the importance of digital democracy and citizen participation.

Course Description

From Obama's 2008 campaign to today's participative budgeting in Paris, we can observe a myriad of digital democracy initiatives. The objective of this course is to understand what digital democracy is and how it is practically applied. First, by understanding the political and technological context in which digital democracy emerged, students will then look closely at the development of the open government agenda and different cases of applied digital democracy. We will focus on citizen participation initiatives around the world, ranging from local governments, parliaments to largescale policymaking. By looking at different case studies, students will be able to discuss best practices and limitations of such initiatives. Strong emphasis will be put on the project management process, from conception to implementation.


MEJIA, Mauricio (Chief of staff to Member of Parliament)

Pedagogical format

The class will combine theory and practice, with strong focus on case studies. Guest speakers will come regularly to present the management process of some initiatives studied in class

Course validation

- A short oral presentation describing a digital democracy initiative : 30 % - A final group project : 60 % - Participation in class : 10 %


12 seminars of two hours each (24 hours) with some essential readings to prepare the class, personal research for the presentation and group work for the final project.

Required reading

  • “Digital Democracy: The Tools Transforming Political Engagement”, Julie Simon, Theo Bass, Victoria Boelman and Geoff Mulgan. Research paper published by NESTA in 2017.
  • “Open Government: The Global Context and the Way Forward” Research Paper published by the OECD in 2017.
  • “Digital Democracy: Discourse and Decision Making in the Information Age”, Barry N. Hague and Brian D. Loader
  • “Civic Tech in the Global South: Assessing Technology for the Public Good”, Tiago Peixoto, Micah l. Sifry, 2017