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OAFP 5345 - NGOs actors in Global Health

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

NGOs are major actors of the global health governance. From the Red Cross in the 19th Century operating in conflict settings to activist NGOs in the 21th Century defending patients rights, the civil society has developed a rich diversity of interventions in the health sector. NGOs are often the first step in your international career and probably one of the most frequent places to do an internship… Therefore, this course will deeply describe: a typology of NGOs working in the health sector; how they are managed; how they implement projects; how they interact with public and private actors. Our aim will be to give practical tools and a very practical approach to work in the NGO sector.


PIZARRO, Louis E. (Directeur général, Solthis)

Pedagogical format


Course validation

1. A group work on a case study (4 weeks) : Presenting an NGO project to a donor (45%); 2. A final assessment - written examination (2 hours) : (45%); 3. Attendance and participation during the course (10%).


One article (5 – 10 pages) to read before each course.

Required reading

  • « Les ONG » Philippe Ryfman. Ed La Découverte
  • The Challenge of Global Health Laurie Garrett Foreign Affairs, January/February 2007
  • Project Cycle Management. European Union :
  • Rethinking the Global Health System. Chatam House. 2015
  • From sovereignty to solidarity: a renewed concept of global health for an era of complex interdependence. Julio Frenk. Lancet 2015