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OAMI 2045 - Introduction to the Politics of International Migration

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

International migration has become a major political issue worldwide. This class proposes an overview of the core issues raised by the cross-border movements of people. It will introduce students to current trends in migration flows, to the different types of human mobility and the dynamics behind them, and to governments' responses to the social, political and legal challenges raised by international migration.


PECOUD, Antoine (Professor at University Paris XIII)

Pedagogical format

Each student will write a paper (approximately 4,000 words), on a topic in line with the core issues discussed in class. Students are free to select the topic of their choice and are strongly advised to personalize their topic. The main purpose of this essay is to engage critically with available data, theoretical arguments, discourses and ideological positions concerning the politics of migration, while displaying autonomy in the selection of the topic. Students are expected to consult with the instructor about the topic of their essay. A paper outline (1 page, with abstract and bibliographical references) is due on week 3. Papers are due in class by week 11, for discussion in the concluding session of week 12 (please bring a printed copy).

Course validation

Participation in class discussions: 10%. Book summary: 25%. Individual research paper: 65%.


Participation : All students are expected to take the floor at any point during the class. Participation marks will be assigned according to the quality and quantity of contributions. Book summary : Students will be asked to read and summarize a book (see list below). They are encouraged to personalize this work, for example by complementing it with additional information (updated data, recent developments, other academic works, etc.). Expected length: approximately 1,000 words. Deadline: week 5. Individual research paper.

Required reading

The readings are added on the Syllabus online