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ODEC 8020 - Transnational proceedings: how to gather evidence?

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 8

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

This workshop will, on the basis of a real-life case, provide the students with the opportunity of elaborating a multijurisdictional litigation strategy to gather evidence in the context of various proceedings conducted in different fora, for the purpose of establishing their case before an arbitral tribunal. Specifically, the students will be requested to successively plead or defend (i) before a French judge a request for pre-trial discovery under French law, under article 145 of the French code of civil procedure, (ii) before a US judge, a request for document production and deposition of witnesses in aid of foreign proceedings under USC 1782 and (iii) before an arbitral tribunal, a Redfern schedule for obtaining various documents. All oral arguments shall be in English, including the pleadings before French courts based upon article 145 CPC.


DUPEYRON, Carine (Avocat associé)

Course validation

The quality of the preparation, the strategy that will be set up and the oral arguments will be assessed.


The case will be handed over prior to class, together with several articles on the various procedures that the students will have to present. Five to 8 hours of preparatory work is expected.

Required reading

  • Mesures d'instruction in futurum et arbitrage, A. Hory, Revue de l'arbitrage, 1996, Issue 2, pp. 191-222
  • L'article 145 du Code de procédure civile : le préparer… et s'y préparer…, Le Monde du droit, 24 septembre 2015,
  • 28 U.S.C §1782 and the Evolution of International Judicial Assistance in the United States Courts, Michael Campion Miller, Alejandro G. Rosenberg and Michael Stoll, The Federal Lawyer, May 2012, pp. 44-47,
  • Les outils judiciaires de recherche de preuve au service de l'arbitrage : Etude comparée de l'art. 145 du Code de procédure civile français et de la section 28 USC §1782 aux Etats-Unis, Carine Dupeyron et Marie Valentini,
  • Règles de l'IBA sur l'administration de la preuve dans l'arbitrage international, IBA 2010,