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ODEC 8025 - Global competition litigation

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


This is an advanced antitrust class for students who have a sheer interest in competition law and procedure. Students with no prior antitrust background are asked to acquire the basics of antitrust before the class starts.

Course Description

Competition law infringements are often global in scope. Depending on the jurisdictions, they may lead to administrative, civil and/or criminal sanctions. Aqccordingly, competition lawyers should, beyond the sound knowledge of substantive competition rules and economics, also understand the international context in which national competition laws are applied, what the applicable procedures are in some of the most active antitrust jurisdictions and how these procedures interplay with each other. The objective of this class is to equip future competition lawyers (i.e. judges, officials, attorneys, in-house counsels, and academics) with the key knowledge they need to handle multijurisdictional or global competition law cases, in particular in the US and the EU. This class therefore focuses on competition law proceedings, and not on competition substantive rules. The course is divided in 12 classes of 2 hours each: 1/ International and comparative competition laws (6 hours) 2/ EU competition law (8 hours) 3/ US antitrust (8 hours) 4/ mock trial/procedure exercise (2 hours). Most classes will be divided in two periods: 1/ Knowledge sharing 2/ discussion about the readings and/or hypothetical solving.


  • BARENNES, Marc (Référendaire au Tribunal de l'Union Européenne)
  • CAPOBIANCO, Antonio (Senior expert in competition law, OECD)
  • ROSENBLATT, Howard (Attorney, Brussels and Washington)

Course validation

70 % for a short research paper (20 to 25 pages) of publishing quality, done alone or by pair; 30 % active participation in class.


Each class will require 3 hours of preparatory work (reading + hypothetical exercise).