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OEUR 2730 - European Lobbying

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Good knowledge of EU institutions and decision process.

Course Description

Our ambition is to make students feel what “lobbying in practice” really is. This course aims at preparing them to be efficient professionals. At the end of this class, they will have acquired a deep knowledge of the principles of lobbying, its tools and how to apply them at EU level. They will also have the opportunity to “practice” lobbying through cases studies presentations. We also want to give them a wide vision of the different practices of lobbying. In the future, they may have the opportunity to lobby for companies but also for non-profits, unions, federations or as consultants. Lobbying knowledge may also be useful if they ambition careers in law, as directors of legal affairs, lawyers, HR. It might also be a plus if they want to work in public administration at EU level or in their home countries.


  • ADHEMAR, Laetitia M. (Founder of Citizens Consulting, Public Affairs for common good)
  • DESSELAS, Stéphane (President of Athenora consulting)

Pedagogical format

We want students to share not only their know-how and expertise but also their soft skills. Group work is key in this class.

Course validation

10% participation ; 60% case study ; 30% presentation of EU news


We expect students to be pro-active during the class, to do some personal researches as well, not only for their cases study exposés but for all sessions.

Required reading

  • Les règles d'or du lobbying, Stéphane Desselas, Natacha Clarac, Editions du Palio, 2012
  • How the EU Institutions Work and How to work with the EU Institutions », Alan Hardacre, Harper Publishing, 2011

Additional required reading

  •, Caroline de Cock, Eburon, 2010
  •, Caroline de Cock, Eburon, 2010