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OFIN 3095A - Energy challenges

Type d'enseignement : Elective

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

The intimate link between energy, growth and geopolitics is visible throughout history. The current balance between energy sources is being radically questioned by three colliding forces: the growing needs triggered by globalization, the access cost to fossil fuels and technological breakthroughs, in a context of global warming. This course aims at providing a solid general understanding of energy key issues and its industry. Major energy sources will be reviewed (oil, gas and coal to nuclear, bioenergy, wind, solar), each analyzed through its supply and demand fundamentals. The organization and strategy of key players will be analyzed, as well as post-Kyoto world regulation issues. The objective is to help students to develop their own view on energy, supported by guest speakers from the energy scene.


FLORIN, Denis (Associate Director, Lavoisier Conseil)

Pedagogical format

Students are expected to complete the required readings to contribute to the course discussion through formal presentation and informal discussions. 3 one-page papers will be expected throughout the class, 2 on subjects chosen by the students (“zooms”). The final case study will result in a formal presentation of 10 slides maximum as a final exam.

Course validation

Continuous assessment. This course will combine formal lectures, student presentation and interactive discussion. Grades will be 1/3 on participation, 1/3 on the 3 “zooms”, and 1/3 on the final case.


12 seminars of two hours each (24 hours). Credits: 4. After the third session, students will work in group on a case study developing a strategy for an oil major presented in class at the end of the course.

Required reading

  • Roy L. Nerseeian, Energy for the 21st Century: M.E. Sharpe 2010. Compulsory (online bookstore)
  • AEI ,"World Energy Outlook 2016" (AIE): indispensable for statistics (International Energy Agency site)

Additional required reading

  • Daniel Yergin, "The Prize" and "The Quest" (Allen Lane): (online bookstores)
  • Burton Richter, "Beyond smokes and mirrors" (Cambridge): (online bookstore)