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OGLM 2085 - Urban management & Public Private Partnerships

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 12

Language of tuition : English


Interest in implementation and evaluation of public policies and the active role of various private actors.

Course Description

In the tradition of French concession or Anglo Saxon approach of common good, the PPP is a broad tool representing various scopes of arrangements used to implement various types of urban development projects, be it in infrastructure or other urban fields. It is not a privatization of public services. In the broader context of public policies implementation outcomes, how should we consider the use and impact of PPP in terms of efficiency and public benefits? After a brief introduction of the PPP context, this workshop will primarily focus on an operational approach: what are the steps? How does it work? Who does what? We will also present the various actors involved, the kinds of expertise needed and make a zoom on Project Management. The discussions and presentations should allow the students to have a better sense of how, why and when a PPP can and can't be an efficient tool.


BLANCHARD, Gilduin (Director for North America, Egis Rail)

Pedagogical format

It will be an intense 1 and ½-day workshop organized in successive 3 sessions of 4 hours each. Participative workshop format. Prior to the beginning of the workshop, each student will send to the teacher a one page short brief ( maximum 400 words ) : is a PPP relevant or not to the public domain. This will allow the workshop to function more on an informed debate format. Session 1: introduction, context and content Session 2: projects presentations, actors involved Session 3: group projects in class

Course validation

15 % preliminary short brief 15% class participation 30% class group project 40% final paper of 5 pages or 2500 words.

Required reading

  • At minima go to The World Bank approach of PPP website
  • If possible : “Successful PPP from principles to practices” from Stephen Friedman. Urban Land Institute.