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OGLM 2090 - Comparative Approach to Financing Metropolitan Development

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 12

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

The sessions will focus on the policy and governance arrangements that underpin the financing of metropolitan development in large-scale urban areas. In particular, content will focus on the public-policy rationale driving urban development in these regions, the vertical (multi-level) and horizontal (inter-municipal) governance arrangements adopted by public-sector authorities in support of this development, how (and why) these arrangements evolved over time, the implication of civil-society organisations, including business, labour, academic and community groups, in metropolitan-development policy-setting and implementation and in financing arrangements to support this development, and the public accountability and reporting arrangements adopted to measure performance against development objectives over time. This workshop will use a comparative approach based on case studies conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)'s Urban Programme. The four case-study metro-areas that will frame workshop activity will be (in no particular order) Seoul (Korea), Toronto (Canada), Chicago (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey). The Workshop will draw upon further case-study examples of challenges and opportunities in financing metropolitan development carried out by the OECD programme (e.g. Madrid, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Gauteng (Pretoria-Johannesburg), Milan, etc). It will also draw upon comparative policy work as well as national urban policy assessments. At the conclusion of the Workshop, students should have a clear understanding, based on empirical evidence, of the policy drivers underpinning metropolitan development and its financing, governance arrangements that worked along with those that didn't and why, and the policy and governance challenges associated with ensuring sustainable metro-development financing.


OSTRY, Adam (Project manager, Governance Reviews and Partnerships Division - OECD)

Pedagogical format

3 sessions of 4 hours. Participative workshop format.

Course validation

In class value-added contribution to discussion/understanding of topics ; A short (750-1000 words) case study on a topic related to the workshop, of the student's choosing and agreed to by the facilitator, in essay format, that articulates a policy and/or governance challenge, describes the contextual factors influencing its resolution, and proposes options to address.


4 workshop sessions + preparatory work for workshop participation and case-study essay.

Required reading

  • OECD Territorial Reviews of Seoul, Istanbul, Toronto, Chicago
  • OECD publication: Competitive Cities in the Global Economy
  • OECD working paper: Financing Green Urban Infrastructure (O. Merk, et. al.)