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OGLM 2105 - Policy-Making toward Migrants in Large Metropolises

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Autumn 2018-2019

Number of hours : 12

Language of tuition : English


It is advised for students choosing this workshop to attend the course “Migration Issues in Large Metropolises”.

Course Description

This workshop will offer students the opportunity to research, present and discuss case studies exploring the many ways in which migrants, as individuals or communities, become objects and possibly agents of policy-making processes in large metropolises. Following an introductory session that will help framing the issue through discussion of current trends and events, students will select, in group, a city and a particular policy area with the aim to explore three sets of concerns: What are the interactions and possible tensions between policies at the city level and the legal and political national framework? How do the relations between urban authorities and migrants play out in specific social issues (health, labor, crime, civil rights) and what are the institutions and social actors involved in that process? Are migrants primarily seen as a threat or a source of dynamism in the metropolis' positioning on the global arena?


CROMBE, Xavier B. (Research Director, Fondation Médecins Sans Frontières)

Pedagogical format

4 sessions of 3 hrs. Workshop: students presentation and debates of their chosen case studies ; analysis of documentary and fiction films' excerpts ; critical review of academic literature ; possible debates with guests from social work and/or academic background.

Course validation

Student groups will present in class their findings on migrants policy issues in the metropolis of their choice. Students should read at least one of the proposed chapters to help determine the city they want to study for group presentation in the following sessions.

Required reading

  • Migrants to the Metropolis, Chap. 5: “DiverCity Toronto”
  • Migrants to the Metropolis, Chap. 3: “New York City”
  • Migrants to the Metropolis, Chap. 10: “Johannesburg as Emergent Gateway”
  • Migrants to the Metropolis, Chap. 12: “In the Margins of Riyadh”
  • Migrants to the Metropolis, Chap. 15: “Sao Paulo”