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OGLM 3000 - Préparer un projet urbain, l'exemple d'Anuradhapura

Type d'enseignement : Atelier

Semestre : Automne 2018-2019

Nombre d'heures : 12

Langue d'enseignement : français, anglais


Aucun Class in French

Descriptif du cours

Anuradhapura, located in northern Sri Lanka, is one of the country's main historic cities and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the centre of Sri Lankan Buddhism and hosts major pilgrimages several times a year. The modern city is one of the first planned cities in Asia. The Government of Sri Lanka is preparing a major investment project in the city to improve its functioning and attractiveness. The objective of the proposed course will be to study in depth the proposed strategy for the city as part of the feasibility study. We will also study the mechanisms for identifying priority projects and all the constraints and levers that must be taken into account. We will proceed step by step through the development of the feasibility study, allowing the students to reconstruct the elements of the feasibility study themselves. All the activities constituting the feasibility study will be studied: technical aspects, engineering, financial arrangements, institutional issues, positioning of the stakeholders, environmental and social due diligence...


JOSSE, Guillaume (Chief Executive, Groupe Huit)

Format pédagogique

4 sessions of 3 hours.

Mode de validation

Présentations orales en groupe

Lectures principales demandées

Les termes de référence de l'étude, qui seront transmis avant le premier cours

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