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DSOC 25A05 - Sociology of Organisations

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2019-2020

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


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Course Description

Organisations have become key and almost banal elements of our daily lives. Since the seminal observations of Max Weber, Western societies have been redesigned by organisations: from the emergence of modern bureaucracies, to the Taylorist factory, multinational corporations, and to large scale social movements. This introduction to the sociology of organizations provides an overview of the main studies, authors and concepts, from its beginning in the early 20th Century to its most recent developments. It addresses its core questions and concepts (bureaucracy, hierarchy, power, institutions etc.) and proposes a reflection on the contemporary transformations of organisations along with globalisation and the mutations of capitalism. It will also look at issues such as their relationship with their environment, with social stratification and inequalities; and the meaning of the notion of ‘organizational society'.


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Course validation

Assessment will consist of three assignments: 1) A midterm exam (short questions on previous sessions readings) 2) A critical essay due at the end of the semester 3) À final exam (three or four questions covering broad topics addressed in the course) Oral participation, attendance to the lectures and weekly readings is expected

Additional required reading

Each week students are required to read one text on the theme of the session. Reading requirements for this course are listed in the syllabus. Please read the assigned text before class. The books are available at the Sciences Po library. Papers and chapters, “required” and “recommended”, are accessible on the website of the course.