Accueil > Gender and Social Policies

K2SP 3065 - Gender and Social Policy

Type d'enseignement : Lecture alone

Semester : Autumn 2019-2020

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


There are no prerequisites for this class, although some background in sociology or gender would be useful.

Course Description

The main aim of this class is to help students integrate a gender perspective in the analysis and design of social policies. In order to do that, we will first discuss how gender permeates social life and how gender inequalities are produced and reproduced. To do this, I will use a sociological approach. We will then discuss different policy alternatives, the advantages and disadvantages. The idea is that, if we want to design policies to change gender inequalities we need first to know more about those inequalities and how embedded they are in other social institutions. Most of the literature, empirical evidence, and specific policies discussed in the course will address the case of industrialised countries.


DOMINGUEZ FOLGUERAS, Marta (Associate professor)

Pedagogical format

The class will alternate lectures by the teacher and discussion with the students about the readings and class materials. One or two sessions will be devoted to the presentation of a first draft of the policy briefs (which can be done as group work or individual)

Course validation

Students are expected to do one reading per session and to participate in class discussions. Grades will be based on three different exercices : participation, a critical discussion of one policy and a policy brief. Details on this assignments will be provided the first day of class.


Students will have to read one text per session, and they will also need to do some complementary readings in order to prepare their policy brief. The choice of policy briefs will be done early in the semester so that students will have time to organise their work.

Required reading

England, paula, et al. : « Women's employment, education, and the gender gap in 17 countries », Montly Labor Review, 2012.

Additional required reading

  • Hass, Linda, and C. Philip Hwang : « The Impact of Taking Parental Leave on Fathers' Participation In Childcare And Relationships With Children: Lessons from Sweden », Community work and family, 2008.
  • Risman, Barbara : « Gender as a social structure. Theory wrestling with activism», Gender and Society, 2004.
  • Williams Christine: “The glass escalator: hidden advantages for men in the ‘female' professions.” Social Problems, 1992.