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KINT 5095 - Gender and the Challenges of State-collapse, Peacebuilding and Statebuilding- the Somali case study

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2019-2020

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

A series of 12 seminars based around case-studies drawn from my experiences of working as a development practitioner and a gender and conflict researcher in the Somali, wider Horn and East Africa region. This seminar series is a stand-alone package but it does strongly complement the theory that has been covered in the Gender and Conflict lecture series in Term 1, and much of the reading material overlaps. The seminar series shares material that will build and deepen understanding of the socio-political terrain of a fragile and conflict-affected context in which European and US peace-building and state-building interventions are engaged.

A mixture of case-study presentations and discussion


GARDNER, Judith (Consultante)

Pedagogical format

Facilitated discussion and analysis around topics presented through case-studies.
12 sessions over 6 weeks.

Course validation

(i) Group presentation (in small groups) on a topic related to gender, violent conflict and peace, to be developed and delivered during Session 4 i.e. the first half of the semester : 40%
(ii) Written assignment ( 3,000 words) one individually written assignment making reference to relevant written sources, to be completed during the second half of the semester, on a topic related to gender and state-building: 50% (iii) Participation in class : 10%

Required reading

  • Myrttynen, Henri, Judy El-Bushra, and Jana Naujoks. Rethinking Gender in Peacebuilding. London, 2014
  • Coomaraswamy, Radhika. Preventing Conflict, Transforming Justice, Securing the Peace: A Global Study on the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325. UN Women, 2014.
  • Hudson, Valerie, Ballif-Spanvill, Bonnie, Caprioli, Mary, Emmett, Chad F., Sex and World Peace, Columbia University Press, New York 2012
  • Goetz, Anne-Marie and Treiber, Anne-Kristin, Gender and Conflict Analysis, in the UN Women Sourcebook on Women, Peace and Security, 2nd edition 2012
  • Koester, Diana, Esplen, Emily, Barnes Robinson, Karen, Castillejo, Clare, O'Neil, Tam, How can donors improve their support to gender equality in fragile settings? Findings from OECD Research, Gender and Development, 2016 Vol 24, No 3, 335-373, Oxfam GB 2016

Additional required reading

  • Impact of War on Somali Men – an inception study report, LOGiCA, 2015
  • See website of the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding, (