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OAMI 2085 - Sexuality, Gender and Migration

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Autumn 2019-2020

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Gender, sexualities and migration are sociological areas of study that often do not intersect, but together they offer unique possibilities to explore the relationship of gender and sexuality to the state, the family, as well as the socialisation of individuals and institutions. This course aims to immerse students in the interdisciplinary area of sexuality and gender studies, with particular attention to the histories and theories of migration in today's globalised world. Sociological, anthropological, historical, and cultural studies approaches will be combined to examine a range of issues such as regulation of sexual/gender practices; migration and asylum; transgender, queer and critical race perspectives; representations and social movements.

The aims of this course are as follows : to stress the importance of sexualities/gender for understanding culture and society both historically, contemporarily and globally; to introduce and develop key themes in the area of sexualities, gender and migration; to highlight the importance of the relationship between the concepts of sexualities, gender and race; and to consider contemporary case studies and evaluate them from different disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transnational perspectives. The outcomes of this course are the following: one will be able to interrogate the relationship between gender and sexualities (as theoretical constructs and empirical variables, but also, to reflect on their impact in our lives as scholars/researchers); engage various migration literatures (including but not limited to immigration); write an original research paper on a topic of your choice to address a particular issue related to class material; make a comprehensive presentation to your peers about an area of your interest relevant to the class.


GIAMETTA, Calogero (Chercheur)

Course validation

The course is text-based and you are expected to take these critical reading skills through to your essays. The second term includes focusing on the development of your own research interests for your formative preparation. There are usually two or three key readings per week that you will be expected to have read and thought about before coming to the class. You will also be expected to develop your own essay topic based on ideas that have emerged through the course as a whole.

Required reading

Required reading are listed in the course outline in the Google Drive