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BEXP 23A00 - Introduction to Digital Culture

Type d'enseignement : Lecture and tutorials

Semester : Autumn 2019-2020

Number of hours : 15

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

Digital Culture This course was conceived to help you decode the digital world. Technology is everywhere and we use it everyday with the impression that it is familiar to us. The goal of this course is to succeed together in going beyond this feeling of familiarity in order to examine with distance and curiosity the economic, social, cultural, and political transformations that digital technology exerts on our societies. Understanding digital culture is not simply about decoding the effects of digital society, it is also knowing how to use, practice, and explore using digital tools. Know, do, and investigate, these are the three things that you will be doing throughout the different modules of this course : following an online course, participating in the two days of practical coding workshops and conducting in groups of 7 students a digital analysis (a collective investigation that will culminate in the creation of a website) bringing together the knowledge and skills acquired.


CARDON, Dominique (Professor Medialab, Sciences Po)

Senior lecturers

  • BAUDE, Arthur (Designer)
  • DEPAZ, Pierre (Enseignant)