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DSPO 27A05 - Macron

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2019-2020

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English


Students must be able to read fluently in French. They should have a reasonable understanding of spoken French (for example to listen to speeches or other audio-visual study resources on line). Students are not required to speak or write French for this course.

Course Description

“Macron” is a highly interactive elective seminar course encouraging maximum student participation and offering students a variety of roles and work assignments. The personal and political rise of Emmanuel Macron to become president of the French Republic in May 2017 remains an intriguing and insufficiently explored phenomenon. This course examines the life of Emmanuel Macron since his earliest formative years, attempts to analyze his personal and professional development, seeks to understand his political rise and initial performance in office, gauges the political and policy challenges he faces now and finishes by trying to assess whether he is likely to be deemed successful at the end of his presidential term in 2022 — and the probability of his re-election.


to be defined

Course validation

Individualized grading based on continuous assessment of student performance including: participation in class discussions; book reviews and research resources; one mid-term essay prepared outside class; one in-class exposé prepared outside class on a pre-assigned topic; essay-format final exam

Required reading

Brice Couturier. Macron, un président philosophe. Editions de l'Observatoire. 2017.

Additional required reading

  • Emmanuel Macron. Macron par Macron. Le 1 / Editions de l'Aube. 2017.
  • Emmanuel Macron. Révolution. XO Editions. 2016. [also available in English]
  • Emmanuel Macron. Speeches. passim [on-line links to be provided]