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OBUS 3080 - Radical Design

Type d'enseignement : Workshop

Semester : Spring 2019-2020

Number of hours : 12

Language of tuition : English


Level of English : B2. Open to students in Master.

Course Description

Every object, whether intentional or not, speaks to whoever put it there.” In other words, what Henry Ford means, is that everything we select, purchase, and interact with, was first conceived and manufactured by a skilled designer. Design is a relatively recent field. Born in a context of industrial production of goods, it evolved to a field capable of addressing complex problems such as planning out processes for new services or challenging engineers in building innovative technologies and solutions. In this course we will go through the major moments in the history of design to understand the basics of this field, key examples and especially those related to entrepreneurship. We will then explore how design impacts and depends on technology by reviewing relevant projects from interrogative design, critical design, interaction design, speculative design and design fiction. Finally, we will examine how design is capable of radically rethink our environment by allowing a new generation of dynamic objects and interactions.


LABRUNE, Jean-Baptiste (Gérant)

Pedagogical format

6 sessions of 2 hours.

Course validation

Attendance. Regular testing. Involvement in group work and one final project per group.

Required reading

  • Designing Interactions – Bill Moggridge – MIT Press 2007.
  • Speculative Everything – Tony Dunne & Fiona Raby – MIT Press 2013
  • Active Matter – Skylar Tibbits - MIT Press 2017 7