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F1HH 4505 - Gender & Conflict: a Human Rights Perspective

Type d'enseignement : Seminar

Semester : Spring 2020-2021

Number of hours : 28

Language of tuition : English



Course Description

***UPDATED 2020/2021***

This course aims at providing a gender analysis of conflict related issues and examining the relationship between gender dynamics and conflict dynamics. A gender-sensitive analysis of conflict enables to understand the gendered aspects of key concepts (such as peace, security, war, violence, resilience and human rights) and to emphasize the place of gender in the continuum of pre-conflict, conflict and post-conflict contexts and phases. The course deploys an interdisciplinary approach and is based on two methods : (1) a theoretical framework setting the basis for gender and human rights in peace and conflict studies; (2) an analysis of case studies and topical issues in order to understand the place of gender and human rights in peace and conflict transformation.

>>> Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze and evaluate situations of violent conflicts with a gender perspective
2. Explain, discuss and use key concepts in the theory and practice of gender, peace and conflict.
3. Apply key concepts, thematic and conceptual debates to specific case studies.
4. Construct oral presentations combining theoretical and empirical insights into a specific gender and conflict-related issue
5. Identify and critically analyse the gendered dimension of peace &conflict principles and norms in the international system

>>> Professional Skills

1. Gender analysis
2. Oral and written communication
3. Critical thinking
4. Research and analysis
5. Understanding stakeholders and civil society representatives


MARTEU, Elisabeth (.)

Course validation

- Individual participation and assignments throughout the semester including ‘News Brief' (20%);
- Mid-term exam – drafting of a policy paper of 1300 words (30%);
- Final research paper of 2 000 words (50%).


- Online class and learning activities: 2 hours a week / 24 hours a semester
- Reading and Preparation for Class: 5 hours a week / 60 hours a semester
- Research and Preparation for Group Work: 10 hours a semester
- Research and Writing for Individual Assessments: 56 hours a semester

Required reading

  • 1. Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) ‘Women, Peace and ‘Security'
  • 2. Davies, SE and True, J (eds) (2018), The Oxford Handbook of Women Peace and Security, Oxford University Press.
  • 3. Carol Cohn (ed) (2012), Women and Wars, Polity Press.
  • 4. Ní Aoláin, Fionnuala, Haynes, Dina and Cahn, Naomi (2011), On the Frontlines: Gender, War and the Post-Conflict Process, OUP.