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Type d'enseignement : Séminaire

Semestre : Automne 2020-2021

Nombre d'heures : 24

Langue d'enseignement : français



Descriptif du cours

As part of their practical and theoretical training, Masters students have to follow a collective seminar about the ways and means of writing history. One of the challenges of this seminar will be understanding that history is not a stabilized knowledge, that it is progressively built through debates, thanks to models of intelligibility and investigation strategies, according to various ways of constituting the historical object. In other words, the objective is not to develop a historiographical reflection stricto sensu but to show that the historian's work is a very practical application of critical thinking. Members of Sciences Po's history Faculty will contribute to the seminar. Each of them will speak on a topic of his or her choice selected among the following three: - The historians who, according to him or her, are the most influential, and the books which he or she considers as “classics”, i.e. those which strongly contributed to drawing the boundaries and programs of the discipline; - The controversies that upset a field or at least a questioning at a given time; - His or her current area of research, and the issues on which he or she is working.


PIKETTY, Guillaume (Professeur à Sciences Po)

Format pédagogique

12 x 2 hours

Mode de validation

Everyone must submit at the end of the semester a paper (5,000 words) on one of the themes or authors mentioned during the various sessions. The final evaluation will be based on the mark given to the final paper, on the participation in the seminar's discussion and the thorough reading of the texts, as well as on the regular attendance to the seminar.

Charge de travail

To prepare each session, the students will have to read one (sometimes two) article(s) or book chapter(s) which will then be discussed in the seminar.