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IFCO 2510 - Demography : Challenges and Policy Implications

Type d'enseignement : Lecture and tutorials

Semester : Autumn 2020-2021

Number of hours : 24

Language of tuition : English

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Basic statistical concepts. / This course requires no prior academic knowledge. This is an introductory course which aims to provide basic knowledge in demography, with a particular focus on the challenges of public policy linked to demographic dynamics in developed countries (aging of the population, fertility below replacement level, migration).

Course Description

The aim of the course is to enable students to critically analyse and discuss, in a scientifically correct way, demographic dynamics and its interactions with socio-economic outcomes. Students learn how demographic dynamics in terms of fertility, mortality and migration are linked with socio-economic advancement, in developing, emerging as well as developed countries. To discuss demographic phenomena like the demographic transition, population growth and population aging, students will be made familiar with demographic concepts, socio-economic theory and descriptive statistics. They will also be made familiar with current empirical research results in the field of demography. Finally, students will be encouraged to discuss policy implications of demographic challenges in diverse regions of the world.


  • GREULICH, Angela (Professeur des universités)
  • INAN, Ceren M. (Market researcher)

Pedagogical format

Lecture with interactive parts (discussion of readings, group presentations) and a teaching assistant who provides assistance for preparing the individual test and the group dissertation

Course validation

One individual test in the middle of the semester (48h delay) / One group-dissertation at the end of the semester / Students have the possibility to raise their final grade by 1 to 2 points if they volunteer to do a (group-) presentation about the demographic dynamics of a certain region during the lecture.


Students are expected to read short articles (4-page format) before the lecture and to discuss them during class

Required reading

“Population and Society”- articles will be handed out to prepare the lectures:

Additional required reading

Casselli G., Vallin J., and Wunsch G. (2006): “Demography: Analysis and Synthesis. A Treatise in Population Studies.” Burlington, MA and San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

Plans de cours et bibliographies